Blake Family

Robert Leslie Blake DSC b.1897 Barnet. To Singapore 1920. Rubber Broker, Dupire Morrell Ltd, Collyer Quay, Singapore. Sub Lt SS RNVR 1939 to early 1941. ‘Jeyes’ document records.

BLAKE Mrs D.M. Housewife aged 30 in 1942. Wife of L.R.? [CWGC records his wife as C. of Hove] She was interned with baby at Palembang Women’s Camp Sumatra internee. Repatriated from Singapore to Australia on Highland Chieftain. To NSW.

William H. McDougall writing on 7 August 1942 while in Palembang Jail:
Move in Block 8 to oust Blake and make Curran Sharp leader by 24 votes to 4. Whereupon Blake for first time did some work as a leader and is reported to have threatened to stop letters to women’s camp by his influence with Miachi. Blake a selfish, fat, lazy Briton who told Sharp and Gray he was out for himself & would “climb over anyone’s shoulders in here to look after no. 1.” He became block leader because of his previous acquaintance with Miachi in Singapore. [‘If I get out alive’ p. 107]