Research by Michael Pether

Michael Pether of New Zealand has carried out an extensive amount of research on the topic of the evacuation of Singapore in February 1942. Anyone interested in this topic would benefit greatly from reading his work. Below is listed some of the research that Michael has done to date – 2021.

The Broad Perspective: An overview of the events that lead to the sinking or beaching of the ships listed below and the aftermath.

Passenger List of HMT St. Breock Revised January 2021

Passenger List of HMS Dragonfly Revised September 2019

Passenger List of Hong Tat version 1.0.0 January 2020.

Passenger List of RAF Auxiliary Aquarius Revised January 2020.

Passenger List of HMS Giang Bee

Passenger List of HMS Grasshopper.

Passenger List of HMS Fuh Wo Revised September 2018

Passenger List of HMS Yin Ping

Passenger List of SS Tandjong Pinang

Passenger List of SS Kuala

Passenger List of Poelau / Pulo Soegi Revised February 2020

Passenger List of ML 433 Revised January 2021

Passenger List of ML 311 Revised November 2020

Passenger List of SS Redang Revised July 2020

Among the most studied of the ships is the Vyner Brooke. In order to accommodate the large file volume that this research takes up we have had to split the file into two parts. Part One consists of an overview of the research that has been accomplished to date along with Michael Pether’s own original and very important contribution. This document can be accessed HERE. The second part consists of as complete an inventory of those who were on board the ship as it is possible to make and this can be accessed HERE.

Commemorative Address: “On Radji Beach“. Delivered at the Tin Winning Museum, Muntok, Bangka Island, on 16th February, 2019