William Probyn Allen

William Probyn Allen, MA b.1911 Pontardawe, Breconshire. He appears on the 1911 census aged 7 months with father Edmund Bean Allen (aged 34) and his mother Harriet Mathilda Allen (aged 36). His father’s occupation is given as ‘Assistant to Secretary in Engineering Works’. William was educated Cambridge University. Far Eastern Rep. Boots Pure Drug Company. Wife Kathleen [Kay] was evacuated. He a Giang Bee survivor. He was held in Palembang and Muntok and died in captivity 25.3.45 [33] at Belalau, Sumatra of blackwater fever.

William was the Co-editor of the Muntok ‘Camp News’,  He wrote following lines in a poem addressed to his wife at Christmas 1942.

Last year I hung a stocking, childlike, by your bed
While you were sleeping, but this year my thoughts instead
And prayers and wishes to the stars and round moon spoken,
Are all the gifts that I can send to you for token
Of all the joy these is between us, come what may.
Have faith, my love, although the night is dark, the day
Will break and peace and good will come to men at last.
God bless and keep you always.

William Probyn Allen Probate

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