Millicent (Molly) Watts-Carter

Millicent (Molly) Watts-Carter was the daughter of George W. and Daisy Maud Osborne, of Killara, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; wife of Jeffrey Walter Watts-Carter, of Bedrock Estate, Bidor, Perak, Malaya. Marriage year 1932, registration district Chatswood, New South Wales.

She was a VAD nurse at the Alexander Hospital, Singapore. She evacuated first on the ‘Kuala’ and after that ship was sunk she was rescued by “Tandjong Pinang”.

Molly died on 27 August 1945 aged 34 at Belalau, Lubuk Linggau. She was the last woman captive to die. Mrs Cross list shows date of death as 29.8.45. She was re-interred at Kalibanteng. Grave V-III 168.

It was remarkable and tragic that someone who had survived two horrendous sinkings (the Kuala), particularly that of the “S.S. Tandjong Pinang” , and then endured years of harsh internment in Palembang, Muntok, and Leoboe Linggau camp had fate bring her life to an end just before liberation.

Phyllis Briggs’s diary records “…on August 24th 1945 we were told the war was over but we did not leave the camp until September 16th. During this time extra food was sent in. Unfortunately the extra rations arrived too late to save a number of people. Molly Watts–Carter was among those who were dying, but she was fully conscious and calmly whispered to me that she was happy to have lived just long enough to know that soon we would all be free… when we finally left the camp in Leoboe Linggau we were told that we were the last prisoners to be found in Sumatra …” .Registration district Chatswood, New South Wales

Registration district Chatswood, New South Wales

What happened after the war to Molly’s husband is quite interesting: (more to be placed here) …..

Mary (Anne) Watts-Carter (Johnstone) 19 Nov 1916 Female Instructress Of Rubber Boots In Factory Single 256 3