Kenneth Dohoo

Kenneth Godfrey Arthur Dohoo b.1906, eldest son of Arthur Godfrey Dohoo, of “Tullynessle,” Devonshire Road,  Hornchurch, Essex, a principal assistant. Education Officer’s Department, London County Council.

Kenneth was educated at City of London School & Exeter College, Oxford. MCS Cadet 1929. Police Magistrate SS. Assistant Adviser & Collector of Land Revenues, Segamat. Wife Beryl [nee Beck – married 1938] & daughters Jean [b.1939 Penang] and Anne [b.1940 Johore Bahru] evacuated to Australia on Charon 8.41 then to UK 5.45. He escaped Singapore 2.42 on the Mary Rose but became a Sumatra internee and died in captivity 25.10.44 [38] Muntok.

W.H. McDougall wrote:  Last night died 4 men including K.G.A. Dohoo … a real gentleman & to me personally the most tragic death yet in camp. Dohoo died of malnutrition & malaria – lack of food and lack of quinine, as so many others are dying daily. His story is the story of the British community here. His story is the story of the British community here. Bombed, shelled, wounded, sunk in Malacca Straits, swam for life and won, landed and interned penniless, clothesless. Never had a cent except occasional infinitesimal loans in camp, uncomplaining & cheerful, tolerant, cultured – but one of those persons constitutionally inept at almost every practical aspect of living. Completely unable to successfully care for himself. Septic sores & chronic malaria, coupled with malnutrition, sapped his physical reserve until he collapsed a few days ago, was brought into the hospital & died. Always active in camp life, always willing to work on many jobs, but never succeeded in any of them. He just couldn’t work with his hands without spilling something, or dropping something or burning the rice. But he was a man that other men loved because he was a genuine gentleman – heart & soul. I was with him when died at 8:45 pm after 24 hours in a coma. Hasseluhn & I carried him to our makeshift mortuary where were four coffins. …. This afternoon the camp held its first quadruple funeral.

His grave is shown as  F21 on the graves web page here. His private papers are at the IWM here. He is remembered by his children on the Malayan Volunteers Group website HERE.

Kenneth’s wife Beryl died 11.92 aged 83.