Horace Paul Kendall

Horace Paul Kendall, JP born 1886 Poole, Dorset. His father was Paul Kendall and his mother Marie. He was christened on 2 January 1887 at Longfleet in Dorset. He left for Malaya in 1911.

Horace Paul Kendall Militray Record Card 1

Horace Paul Kendall Military Record Card 2

WW1 Service: 10th Battalion Hampshire Regiment. Planter Manager, Kati Estate, Kuala Kangsar area. Widower [his wife Anita Elizabeth Hill died 22.8.1939 in London].

Kendall Death Announcement 26 Aug 1939
26 Aug 1939

Horace was on the Giang Bee [sunk]. For a time at Palembang he worked on the dysentery ward as the “Matron” (day-to-day management of the ward) taking over the role from Richard Prior.

Kendall died on 15.5.45 [59] at Belalau. His diary is held by Rhodes’ House Library, Oxford University.

Below – copy of a letter Horace wrote:

Civilian Internment Camp
March 4th, 1943

Kendall Letter
Horace Kendall Letter

Dear Bob.
This carries with it my love and good wishes to all near and dear. As I am only able to write one card please pass on my news to all. Have been here since Feb/42. Am well & weigh 160 pounds. As I was fished out of the sea like a lobster pot I am destitute of anything but what I am able to beg or borrow. Have had no cash for months. A parcel of toilet things pants & vests would be welcome. We wear very little, no news obtainable from our staff. Betty passed out when we were in the sea. Mona is here, Mrs Mellor died 3 months ago. Mellor I am afraid has gone crackers. Advise my Newport bank I am alive. Request Coy. to send me funds when possible. Am on the camp hospital staff & find the work interesting. Trust you Sylvia & John Keep well. Maurice Phillips sends greetings. All the best from, H.P. Kendall.

Horace Paul Kendall Probate

Was the following marriage that of a sister of Horace’s?

Kendall Crowhurst 20 April 1926
20 April 1926